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 Artist . Creator .Visionary. Designer


I'm Summer, 

I am an enthusiastic visual artist who enjoys creating work that illustrates the world around me. I studied at The University of Leeds and was awarded a 2:1 Batchelor of Arts in Art & Design. 

I am an artist and designer who specialises in illustrational work.

I enjoy creating big and bold paintings, as well as intricate drawings. My artwork has a quirky edge and is uniquely my own. I aim to create a sense of movement, expression, and a quality of ambiguity. 

I also enjoy photography as a resource for documenting my travels, people, and various other moments that I want to capture as a moment in time. 

Whilst studying for my degree, I have had the chance to explore my practice through the following modules: Fundamentals of Imaging, Intro to Photography (Digital), Studio Practice, Des Hist: 1900 to the Pres Day, Colour and the Design Process, Drawing 1B,

Mat Cult and Mass Consumption, Illustration, Marketing Creativity & Innovation, Eco-Design & Global Ecology, Research Methods, Fashion, Styling & Photography, and Ind Stud Dissertation. 

I'm an artist who is always looking for the next opportunity to translate what I experience in everyday life as inspiration for my creations. 


I am very passionate about the world, climate change, and animals. In addition, I have always been interested in sustainability and eco-design and therefore, creating artwork influenced by these themes. 

I am deeply inspired by these areas because they represent the natural and man-made beauty that surrounds us all the time that we may often forget to appreciate.


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